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Government to Help Wildlife Get through the Unexpected Snowstorms in Jilin
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This winter, Jilin province is frequently attacked by snowstorms and extremely low temperatures. In the core forest areas of the east and middle parts of Jilin, the snow reaches 100 cm. According to the meteorological department, the snowfall of Jilin province is 2.8 times of its average amount this year. This kind of whether confronts the wildlife with great threatens.


Picture 1 (from Russia)

Picture 2 (from Russia)


"On December 6, 2012, to help the wildlife get through the harsh winter, Jilin Forestry Department issued a circular, demanding the forestry departments at all levels to fight against the snow disasters through various ways, such as activating the emergency plans, adopting supplementary feeding, etc. All the efforts aim to make sure the snowstorms’ threaten on wildlife will be reduced to the lowest extent,"  introduced by Mr. Jiang Jinsong, tiger/leopard conservation official from Jilin Forestry Deoparment.


Meanwhile, winter is the most favorable season for poachers. Therefore, Jilin Forestry Department and Jilin Administration for Industry and Commerce recently jointly issued the Emergent Notification for Joint Survey on Wildlife Conservation Law Enforcement during this Winter and next Spring. According to the Notification, the forestry agencies at all levels will make further efforts to protect wildlife and preserve the anti-poaching achievement, especially to strengthen the law enforcement on the poaching of wild animals. 


The forestry departments at all levels in Jilin will also cooperate with various wildlife rescue organizations. Effective measures will be taken to rescue the wounded or sicken wildlife, especially the endangered species. The snowstorms make it difficult for wildlife to find food. To solve this problem, local forestry departments will increase the time, frequency and coverage of supplementary feeding, especially at the key habitants for wildlife.


To raise the social awareness of conservation and encourage the local people to get involved in the wildlife conservation and snowstorm combat, Jilin Forestry Department also takes use of different media for communication in this campaign.


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