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Camera trap Snapshot a Lady Leopard and her Twin Cubs in Wangqing Nature Reserve
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Changchun, Jilin – During the infrared cameras monitoring sampling process conducted by the joint monitoring team organized by WWF, experts from the Feline Research Center of State Forestry Administration and rangers of Wangqing Forestry Bureau in Lanjia forestry farm, Wangqing Forestry Bureau on Nov. 8, 2013, they are shocked by the precious videos and photos shot on the morning of Oct.9,2013, in which a female Amur leopard and her two cubs walked past the camera gracefully.


To download this video, click here


In the video, the mother was touring through the forests with her two cubs, and the twins were very healthy and robust, showing that the female leopard wass a good mother. “Judged by their body size and walking gait, the twins Amur leopards were only 6 to 7 months old, and excitingly, it is the first direct evidence that the most endangered big cat reproduces in China.” said Dr. Jiang Guanghusn, professor of Northeast Forestry University, and the executive deputy director of the Feline Research Center of State Forestry Administration, China.


When hearing the news, Mr. Wang Fuyou, the director of wildlife conservation office of Wangqing Forestry Bureau, was very excited, “Since the first Amur leopard picture in China shot in Xinancha forestry farm in 2011, we cooperated with WWF and the Feline Research Center of State Forestry Administration to monitor Amur tiger and Amur leopard and their prey population, a great  many of photos and videos of many adult leopard individuals have gained, and several national media like CCTV and China Daily had reported our activities” and he said that. “The female leopard and her two cubs shot this time filled the blank that no breeding leopard population found before in this area ,which has always been our regret, and furthermore, it proved that Wangqing Nature reserve is the permanent habitat of Amur leopard.”


 “The pictures and video shot this time is a great reward for our 5 year-long joint work, ” said Shi Quanhua, the head of WWF NEC Office, “ Since 2009, WWF NEC Office has been working with Wangqing Forestry Bureau on programs like Amur tiger/leopard monitoring, ungulate surveys, ranging and anti-poaching, ungulate population recovering pilot,  supplementary feeding in winter and infrared camera monitoring. All these pilots make a demonstration and promotion model for Amur tiger and leopard habitat conservation and recovering in Amur-Heilong basin. ”


 “These photos and video will greatly encourage us, as front line conservation workers, we will improve our ability in nature reserve management, monitoring and patrolling. We will have more baseline wildlife information, and establish a complete monitoring and anti-poaching patrolling system. And we are confident to make our newly-built nature reserve a national model.” said Zhang Qinwei, the vice director of Wangqing Forestry Bureau.


The mother leopard



The first cub leopard


The second cub leopard


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